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Strategies for Tutoring a Struggling Reader:

1. Prepare - Fires up the brain

2. Pause - Courtesy. Give them time to think.

3. Prompt - Does it look right, sound right, make sense?

4. Praise - Really needed!!

5. Probe - Do I really understand?

Strategies for Struggling Readers

Good Readers in 16 minutes/day
Simple, Easy-to-use Strategies anyone can use to help struggling readers raise their reading levels.

Your struggling reader will know how to figure out, and learn, the 'hard words' in a sentence.!

“Reading is a Skill That requires Practice
Based on good reading Instruction
Using effective reading Strategies.”
Our tutoring program for Struggling Readers is modeled on the
effective approach jointly developed by
Rolling Readers USA and the
Poway Unified School District in San Diego County

Here is more information taken from our Reading Research Report,
“What Strategies Do ‘Best Practice' Schools Use to Meet Their ‘Reading’ Annual Yearly Progress Goals?"

How did San Diego County schools raise reading ability 62.5% of a full Grade Level tutoring each child just 15 minutes each day?

Each 15-minute session followed the Rolling Readers USA structured ‘reading strategy’ tutoring program.

Median book level increase at the end of 81-120 sessions during the school year was 2.5. Each grade had 4 book levels. Increased ability: 62.5% of a full grade level.

The 1998 study looked at a random sample of 673 students. Book levels were determined by Scholastic, Inc. Rolling Readers USA recruited and trained the volunteers. The schools provided the coordination of the volunteers.

The Rolling Readers USA (a non-profit literacy organization) tutoring program was jointly developed with the Poway Unified School District in San Diego County.

The program is based on research about what good readers do as they are learning to read, and as they are reading.
Good readers integrate 3 cueing systems while reading. Meaning-Structure-Phonics. Does it make sense? Does it sound right? Does it look right?

The tutoring program makes these cueing systems an integral part of a structured 5-step tutoring format. Prepare-Pause-Prompt-Probe-Praise.

Since 1998, San Diego County calls the program ‘Everyone A Reader’. It is used in their 23 school districts and 165 elementary schools.

Today, Rolling Readers - Cape Girardeau Area continues this effective
tutoring concept as a part of our ‘Strategies for Struggling Readers Program’.

We have added an extra minute of practice (now 16 minutes)
because we want to give more time for building a reading relationship!


Try our Strategy for Struggling Readers Program.
Expect to get the same great results.
There is no risk.

Start with a pilot program in your organization.
  It is easy to understand. Easy to implement.
The program will fit well, complement, your current ‘better reader’ programs.
Use the program to build self-esteem in both tutor/helpers and struggling readers.
Student involvement, and improved grades, has been shown to keep young people in school.
  Take 16 minutes/day. Raise reading ability 62.5% of a full grade level in as little as 20 weeks.
These strategies are a simple, easy-to-use and effective process.
Start building your small army of trained reading strategy tutor/helpers today!

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